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Principal's Message

Dear Tiger Parents & Guardians,                                                    5 Feb 2020

The second semester is in full swing, and testing season is almost upon us.  This will be our first year using the SAT as our state-mandated 11th grade demonstration of competency for mathematics and English, replacing PARCC.  To prepare future 11th graders for the SAT, all 10th graders will take the pre-SAT (PSAT) this year.  Next year, both 9th and 10th graders will take the PSAT.  The PSAT will give students exposure to the SAT style of testing, and the results of the PSAT will provide us data showing where any learning gaps may exist so we can fill those gaps before the 11th grade SAT.

In addition to the SAT, all 11th graders will take the New Mexico Assessment of Science Readiness (NM-ASR) as their demonstration of competency for science.  The NM-ASR replaces the Science Standards Based Assessment (SBA).  The NM-ASR is aligned to the NM STEM Ready! Science Standards, adopted in 2018.  

As a Title I school, the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 requires a minimum 95% participation rate in state assessments of our 10th and 11th grade students, at the risk of losing our Title I funding (about $280,000 this school year).  Last year we achieved a 99% participation rate, and we’re aiming for 100% this year.

To help students focus on their assessments without distractions, we will use the following schedule.  Whether your student is testing or not, please note that on certain days non-testing students will not attend school, and testing students will be released early.


Grade Tested






3-5 March 2020

8:30-11:25 AM

Only 11th grade will take this test. All students in grades 9, 10, and 12 will attend regular classes. Each 11th grader will be assigned to test on one of these three days, and will be released from school after test completion. 11th graders will attend regular classes on non-testing days.



14 April 2020


ONLY 11th graders will attend school this day, and will be released upon test completion.



17 April 2020


10th graders will be released upon test completion. 9th, 11th, & 12th graders will NOT attend school this day. 


These assessments are important for your students and our school.  Please encourage your students to prepare and do their best on these assessments.  The SAT and NM-SAR scores can fulfill New Mexico graduation requirements, and SAT scores may be used for college applications.  Let’s show that AHS Tigers are the BEST students in New Mexico!


Kenneth R. Moore, Ed.D.


Alamogordo High School

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