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Dear Tiger Parents & Guardians,                                          4 December 2019

It’s hard to believe the semester is almost over, but the holiday break starts in just 10 days.  This semester has been a whirlwind of focused, positive change for AHS.  At the beginning of my tenure here as principal, I stated that my strategy for making Alamogordo High School amazing was to focus on Safety & Security, Positive Relationships & Culture, and Instructional Excellence.  We have much work yet to do, but I’d like to highlight the progress we’ve made so far this year.

  1. Safety/Security improvements to ensure our students and staff are safe and secure include:
    1. New perimeter fence and security vestibule which enables us to control entry to our campus.
    2. RAPTOR visitor screening system is in use, allowing us to run quick background checks on visitors.
    3. Seven new security guards added to staff (for a total of 11), many of whom are former police officers and school resource officers.
    4. Upgrades to security camera system.
    5. Implemented Secure Campus policy where, with few exceptions, students remain on-campus for lunch.
    6. Recurring training for all staff on emergency procedures.
    7. Implemented periodic, random, unannounced contraband sweeps with Alamogordo Police Department’s Canine Unit.


    8. Added two instructional specialists (teacher coaches) to staff to work one-on-one with teachers to help improve instructional effectiveness.
    9. Principal and assistant principals perform classroom observations every day to coach teachers in their implementation of Fundamental 5, classroom management, and overall instruction.
    10. Educational technology is in-use in every classroom, including student Chromebooks, zSpace augmented/virtual reality labs, interactive panels, large-screen flat panel monitor, and numerous blended and virtual education software packages.
    11. Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs have been refined and expanded to provide students with the skills, certifications, and experience needed for high-demand, high-wage, high-skill careers in fields such as
      1. Health Occupations (expanded with additional teacher to meet high student demand)
      2. Engineering & Robotics (also expanded with additional teacher to meet high student demand)
      3. Agriculture/Animal Science
      4. Welding
      5. Automotive Technology
      6. Computer Science, Cyber Security, and Oracle Database Programming (a new program offered for the first time this year)
      7. Film Production
      8. Business Management & Marketing
      9. Child Development & Education
      10. Hospitality, Tourism, & Culinary Arts
    12. Added a new CTE coordinator position to manage CTE program grant funding, establish relationships with local businesses for student internships, mentorships, work experience, and college dual-credit opportunities.
    13. Added a new career/college counselor to our staff to help students explore career options and college scholarship opportunities.
    14. Added two student success teachers to help at-risk students get and remain on track for graduation.
  2. Positive Relationships & Culture
    1. New food court, including numerous menu options, food truck, coffee bar, and snack bar has been well-received by our students.
    2. New furniture throughout the commons, food court, hallways, and outdoors allows students to enjoy their lunch break inside or out, with friends or in a quieter environment.
    3. Numerous clean-ups, repairs, and refurbishments throughout the campus.
    4. Providing recurring training for teachers, counselors, staff, and security on establishing positive relationships, crisis prevention, and intervention, and de-escalation.
    5. Added a new guidance counselor to our staff and strengthened partnerships with local mental health providers to help students and families in crisis.
    6. Providing recurring customer service training to all support staff.
    7. Dedication and renaming of AHS Tiger Pit to AHS legend Lawrence E. Johnson.


  3. Instructional Excellence
    1. Teachers have been provided professional development and training to improve their craft, including:
      1. The author of “Fundamental 5—The Formula for Quality Instruction” has provided two sessions of training (with more to come next semester) on five research-based principles of instruction that lead to increased student achievement in all subject areas,
      2. Author and math instructional consultant, Leslie Texas, has provided our math teachers training on instructional practices specific to common core mathematics,
      3. Teachers have received multiple training sessions of Individualized Education Plans, lesson planning, classroom management, and effective use of educational technology.

These are just a few of our accomplishments so far on our path of student-focused continuous improvement.  Next semester, one area of emphasis for Positive Relationships & Culture will be on establishing and improving relationships with parents and the community through improved communications.  We want all of our students to graduate in four years, career and/or college ready, and parents and students to be proud of the fact that they GET to be Tigers!


Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season,

Kenneth R. Moore, Ed.D.


Alamogordo High School

I GET to be a Tiger!



Former student, ERIC BURTON'S, new music group, The Black Pumas, are nominated for Best New Artist Grammy in January 2020.
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This song is featured on many commercials out right now and Eric has always been a very talented young man with a brilliant personality!

Eric Burton was a student at Alamogordo High School,
Class of 2008.

He was a member of the Varsity Football and Baseball Teams.
He was selected by his peers for the Senior Favorite Class Clown.

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